A safari in Africa is an excellent opportunity to make a unique and surprising journey. If you’re thinking of doing a safari in Africa, but you don’t know which places are the most interesting, take note because here we tell you everything.

Africa is a land of safaris, so the content is the right one. There are many offers to make a safari in Africa. Here are the most interesting.

In our experience, most people who are planning to book a safari trip to Africa have several doubts about it. The unknown of the continent, the adventure of safari, or the difference of cultures, give rise to general questions among travelers. That is why we shall now answer the most frequently asked questions when we take a safari for Africa.

Where can you make an excellent safari for Africa?

There are several places where you can make a proper safari in Africa. However, Tanzania and Kenya are the two most popular. Uganda is also beginning to gain followers. The reason for this is that they are countries where it is easier to see animals, so they are more prepared. Animals continue to live in their natural environment, and the journey remains an unrepeatable adventure. But there are already companies that do this, it is easier to access accommodation and guide services, etc. This is also good for the traveler’s experience, as the inhabitants are more used to this type of Tourism.

Destinations for a safari in Africa

Safari in Kenya. Without a doubt, it is one of the most popular safaris because it brings together countless unforgettable experiences. In addition to the wild animals, you’ll see at large, Kenya is a tradition. It is possible to see authentic tribes living in villages. Kenya is living in nature. Snowy Mountains in the background, when visited or animals, are one of the most known and significant images of a safari in Kenya. Specifically, Kilimanjaro is the classic image of safaris in Kenya.

A safari in Kenya is synonymous with seeing flamingos on Lake Nakuru. If you choose this safari in Africa, you will move for a moment to the film “Memories of Africa,” in which Meryl Streep and Robert Redford live one of the most famous romances in film history.

Kenya is a vibrant destination in fauna, but also in nature, vegetation, incredible landscapes, and fantastic culture. Choosing a safari in Africa whose goal is Kenya is a great idea.

Safari in Tanzania. Tanzania is indeed known in many places as the land of safaris. That’s why choosing Tanzania as a destination when planning a safari in Africa is a good idea.

Tanzania represents Africa more primitive. Tanzania hosts the most adventurous safaris. Safaris in Tanzania are elephants, rhinos, crocodiles. The wildest fauna. Most documentaries on safaris in Africa are filmed in Tanzania.

It also sits with Kilimanjaro, so many images resemble safaris in Kenya. They say the most beautiful sunsets in Africa are seen from a Tanzanian safari. Here you make sure to see the most significant wild animals.

Safari in Uganda. Although less well known, safaris in Africa bound for Uganda is booming. It is a greener country, and savannahs are camouflaged between forests and rivers. This also makes it unique, as you can see more complicated fauna, thanks to rafting. It is essential to note that this is where the Nile River is born. Also, Lake Victoria is another of the most beautiful landscapes you’ll find in Uganda.

If there is anything to highlight, the fauna in a safari in Uganda are the birds and also some mammals. It’s less hot, and the temperature is more excellent all year round. Uganda is a perfect destination for a different safari in Africa.